Looking Back at the Good Ole’ 40’s Days

By | May 24, 2012

Remember those wonderful stories that grandma and grandpa used to tell us about?  Just looking through old catalogs and photographs, I am quickly reminded of the song that the Judd’s wrote, Grandpa, (tell me ’bout the The Good Ole Days).

40s Vintage Fashion

Take a closer look at this picture, what are the couples doing together? They are making fudge together!  And the article read they were going on a double date after wards.  Now that is something to get your teen to do! And no I didn’t come from another planet, couples used to double date regularly.  It is really fun!

Good Ole Days

Talk about good ole’ days, remember when families would sit down at the dinner table and eat home-cooked meals together?  My grandmother not only prepared home-cooked meals for four children but she served a whole town!  Edgar and Edna Dorough opened the Pell City Steak House in Sept./Oct. of 1948.

Pell City Steak House

Home-cooked breakfast, fresh vegetables for lunch, hamburger steak, fish or hot dogs for dinner.  Edgar and Edna decorated the diner in a typical late 40’s decor with red counter tops, red bar stools.  Juke Box and Pinball machine for entertainment.  Not only was this the local hang out because the prettiest waitresses worked there, but Edna would serve hand made ice cream or old fashion milk shakes made to order. People in Pell City still talk about the home-made biscuits she made, unfortunately I never had one!  I am the second to the youngest grand-daughter and she stopped rolling the dough!  But I did experience her love and kindness.

40s Vintage Clothing

Now that we have talked about dating, fudge, and meals, what about the 40’s fashion?  Outstanding! To me, the 40’s ladies dresses and suits made a woman look like a lady, very slenderizing and appealing.  And the accessories, we will talk more about that next time, I promise!  Take a look at the men’s, Norfolk sports coat, and you could get one in a variety of colors.  Oh, if only I had a time machine!

Vintage Norfolk Jacket

This week take a break and sit down with grandma/grandpa or loved one, and talk about the good ole’ days.  Talk about the dates maybe even they had! Go out on a limb, and have a home-cooked meal family style. You never know what you might learn!

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