The Great Gatsby 1920′s Party Dresses Styles Are Here!

By | April 15, 2013

Coming soon to a movie theater near you is the grand opening night of The Great Gatsby, while others have been having costume parties for months leading up to it and here at Sydney’s Vintage Clothing we receive phone calls wanting a roaring 1920′s dress for such an event.  While in our Auburn, Al store location we offer costume flapper fringe dresses for rental, but in our online store we offer authentic vintage flapper dresses for sale.

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The Great Gatsby Movie

While the preview trailer of the Great Gatsby movie looks just as romantic as Titanic the fashion is exquisite! On Madison Avenue at Brooks Brothers you can view some of the costumes worn in the Gatsby film. (Catherine Martin is the costume exhibit designer.)

Costume Rental Dresses Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Movie Costume Display

The beaded flapper dresses for the film are so detailed, and elegant.  While the following dresses have not been worn in this film or on the Hollywood Red Carpet, yet, these two dresses are beauties from the roaring 20′s time period.  The first dress is an orange silk that is lavished in silver beads carrying a Rue De La Paix Gown Made in Paris France label!  It is no secret that the Rud Da La Paix is the high end fashion district for couture houses of the 1920′s of shops such as Worth, Gres, Doucet, Paquin, Reboux!


Rue De La Paix Made in Paris France



Rue De La Paix Made in Paris France

The second authentic flapper dress that, Sydney’s Vintage has to offer at the moment, is black, orange and blue loaded with sequins.  War Eagle Auburn colors! Sheer flapper dress with the original box, purchased with from Davison’s Department Store of Atlanta, Georgia!


Davison’s 1920′s Flapper Dress

Vintage Flapper Dress

Davison’s 1920′s Flapper Dress

1920's Roaring Flapper Dress

Davison’s 1920′s Flapper Dress

Look at the loaded fringe beaded edging!  Don’t miss either one of these authentic flapper 20′s dresses for a special occasion out on the town, this style of dresses is one of the most sought after right now in the vintage clothing market place.

MORE flapper style dresses are coming soon, here is a preview. UPDATE: the flapper dresses have arrived!

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