Your Vintage Wedding Ideas Can Come True!

By | June 16, 2012

After being in the vintage clothing business for a little over a decade now I am starting to see a change on the viewpoint of  Brides-to-be in preparation of their wedding day. I am seeing more and more brides that are requesting vintage as their choice of a bridal wedding gown.  I am not sure where the movement is coming from, possibly the change in the social mediawith the capability of being able to view other wedding ideas online?  A desire to go back to more of the simple things in life? Or maybe even possibly just the love of vintage fashion?  Any of the above or other reasons is fine with me, as the owner of Sydney’s Vintage Clothing and having a large stock pile of wedding dresses in my warehouse!

With the help of virtual bridal magazines and professional wedding photography a bride-to-be can plan her dream wedding with endless possibilities.  In a recent issue of Utterly Engaged, the 1st online wedding and bridal magazine, the following wedding photos were published, with compliments of Green Tree Photography of Huntsville, Al.  Emma & Justin’s wedding ideas came true and were described as “Simple, Classic & Southern”. You can read their love story that was written by their very own photographer, Jan Pickens Renegar, owner of Green Tree.  As you will see in this issue on pages 16-23, Emma’s wedding is featured, and YES she is wearing a vintage wedding dress from Sydney’s! (sorry I had to brag, I feel honored).

(click on the above pictures from Green Tree Photography to enlarge)

As you thumb through the virtual bridal magazine you will see many different styles of weddings, engagement pictures, and receptions.  Notice how you can take a modern wedding dress and use vintage accessories such as antique mesh evening bags or vintage costume jewelry to compliment your wedding ideas.  Some brides choose nothing but vintage for their special day.  I must admit I love how jewelry designers are taking vintage jewelry and making the bridal bouquets:

Customers are shopping our costume jewelry department and transforming their selections into bouquets, which are keepsakes for years and generations to come.  So whether it is the traditional “live” floral arrangements, three tiered Bride’s cake, chocolate Groom’s cake, and limo to drive off in the sunset in, just remember with all of the wedding day planning, all in all it is about the husband and wife and their love for one another, and the other details will fall into place!

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