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About Vintage Clothing is a very hot topic and has been for a while. When a person looks back over years of history and the different styles of fashion throughout many decades, it is amazing of the talent and workmanship that goes in to detailing clothing. Or some would definitely argue that and say, “Used to”!

While some styles of fashion may come and go others will always be “in style”. To me the vintage suit like the Jackie O suit will always be and forever will be a favorite. (But of course that is just my taste! The highly collectible Victorian, Edwardian clothing, of course is getting harder to find in good condition. But if one searches hard enough to can add to your collection from this time period.

As for the 30s 40s, still highly sought after, and getting hard to find. From time to time, here at Sydney's Vintage, you will find these decades of clothing and accessories.

Ooh La La, the Vintage 50’s Prom dresses. I must admit, I was born at the wrong time! I absolutely drool over these. And yes of course, I do have some of them in stock!

Okay so the 60s, 70s is a bit funky, and kinda out there. But I must admit as for the Mod, and Pucci styles, you gotta love it! It does take a bold personality to wear some it. The men's Disco shirts, Leisure suits, you know the John Travolta, Stayin’ Alive! If you have a party to dress for, email me!

Well the 80’s that is the decade I graduated in. Yep, I am admitting my age, but I can remember the black moon pants and the wild 80’s ruffles on the prom dresses.

Wikipedia Vintage Resource Fashion history, etc. from collectors.
Vintage... What a word, what a style! The dictionary reads: representing the high quality of a past time: old-fashioned or obsolete: being the best of its kind. Enough said! Vintage, let's go shopping!

So while your shopping here at my online vintage clothing store, if you don’t find what you’re looking for. Whether it be from the 30s 40s era, need 50s 60s clothing, or even a special vintage evening dress, and you cannot find it, email me. I just might have it in stock!

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If you’re a dealer and want to buy in volume, ask about my vintage clothing wholesale business plan. email me.

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Let the shopping begin.