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Fashion Design Students

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Fashion Design Students

In our local store in Auburn, AL, home of Auburn University, we carry a line of vintage re-designed clothing.  These garments are taken from our vintage clothing warehouse and with much creativity, talent and skills and hours put into each piece the fashion design students re-design some of the vintage pieces.  I wanted to give you the opportunity to meet each one of the students.  Most of the students here are in the Apparel Merchandising School or Fashion Design, with a few exceptions.  As you will read each student has a unique dream of what to do with their talents for their future careers.  If you are a company looking to hire a fashion design student, please do not hesitate to give me a call for a recommendation. 

Meet the Designers

Eloise Faber

To say a person has one dream for their life is not only crazy but very boring. My life has been influenced and enhanced by so many and therefore the list of my dreams continues to grow. But to narrow it down, the most prominent dream in my life is to influence through dress, costume and decoration of the human body. I want to design, create and construct clothing and accessories that change the way a woman feels about herself. This is not to influence the shallow or conceited but the beautiful woman aspiring to be strong and successful in any area of life.

I am making this dream come true by graduating from Auburn University in Apparel Design in August 2011. I have been accepted to the masters program at Auburn in the Department of Consumer Affairs. I will be studying fit and women’s body types in some form. 
The fit and sizing of clothing has become a complicated inconsistent monster that favors only one shape of woman. The rest of us are left to fight the losing battle against the evil villain who controls clothing shape, size and fit. Not that I think I will solve this problem and be the prince to save all the damsels of the world, but maybe just maybe I can help just a few.

The following are samples of Eloise's designs:

Eloise Faber - Fashion Design

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