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Vintage Dress

Vintage Dress

Vintage dress, don't you love them? You have been searching the internet for hours or probably days for that special vintage dress for the upcoming event on your calendar. You have finally arrived at "the" store to find the vintage dress you have been searching for. Here in my online vintage clothing store, you will find vintage dresses, for any occasion. I even have vintage wedding dresses! Whether your the bride, mother of the bride or just a casual party, I have what your looking for.

As a bride choosing a wedding dress can be a difficult task, and there are so many options to choose from in so many different styles.  You will need to consider the time of the wedding, whether it is formal, semi-formal or casual. Also the month of your wedding and the temperature in your location.  Do I need strapless, short sleeve, long sleeve? Indoor or outdoor, night time or day time?  Train or no train? We hope we can help you make yuor selection here at Sydney's Bridal shop, if your looking for a wedding dress, check out these!  

You may be thinking, tell me more about vintage clothing? Great selection of vintage evening dresses from the early 1900's to the 70's 80's. Got a Mad Men theme party on the calendar? Whether it is a 20's mystery dinner and you need a flapper dress or a decade party, or high school prom night, we can help! 

If your interested in learning how to make your own Mexican Dress this site gives details in learning. We have many different styles of 60's and 70's urban style dresses, blouses and skirts. And of course if you have a casual event, the store is loaded with vintage day dresses from every era and size. Here at Sydney's we have several "how to" guides for easier shopping experience for our customers and to keep you informed on authentci vintage clothing.  Below you will find some of our vintage fashion articles:

How to idenitfy Vintage Clothes

How to identify Fabrics


How to Wear a Vintage Dress

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